• Kids Martial Arts in High Point, NC

    We teach lessons of self-defense, self-confidence, respect, and discipline through the martial arts

  • Our Kids Martial Arts Programs


    Students that are 4, 5 and (some) 6 years old will be enrolled in our Tiger-Cubs Program. This program serves as the early childhood training curriculum at Tiger-Rock. Students will learn symmetrical movements and lay the foundation of balance and coordination.  Tiger-Cub lessons are some of the most exciting and fun 30 minutes your child will enjoy in his or her day.


    Students that are 6 to 11 will be placed in our Junior Program. The Junior Program builds self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-control. Our drills and exercises help channel positive energy. In addition to speed and agility drills, martial arts exercises, and kicking, sparring, and striking drills, Junior students also learn real world self-defense and participate in anti-bullying education. These fun, action-packed classes usually last 40 to 45 minutes.


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    The Tiger Rock Experience

    The enormous benefits of Tiger-Rock Martial Arts training for your child

    1. A positive, challenging, safe environment
    2. Age-appropriate curriculum
    3. Anti-bullying education
    4. Self-defense training
    5. Life skills training
    6. Drills to help improve balance and coordination
    7. Martial arts focused exercises for strength & conditioning
    8. Incredibly fun for all age groups

Benefits of Kids Martial Arts in High Point, NC

Tiger-Rock offers a world-class training experience
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    Keep your child active and healthy

    According to the CDC, it is recommended that kids as young as 6 years old get 60 minutes of vigorous activity per day. This helps children strengthen bones and muscles, maintain a healthy body weight, improve their cognition, and reduce symptoms of depression.

    Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of High Point offers action-packed classes for kids. Tiger-Cub classes for 4 and 5-year-olds are 30 minutes long. Junior classes for 6- to 11-year-old students are 40-45 minutes. These are afternoon martial arts lessons that are the perfect after school activity. Nobody sits on the bench here—kids are encouraged to be engaged and participate.

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    Develop self-discipline

    Many parents consider martial arts a valuable way to help their kids become more disciplined. In fact, many of our parents here at Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of High Point report a noticeable improvement in their child’s behavior a few months into their martial arts training.

    At Tiger-Rock, we teach lessons of self-control, respect for authority, how to properly channel their energy, and following instructions. These valuable life skills will improve your child’s behavior at home and your child’s conduct and academic performance at school.

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    Build your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence

    Martial arts helps children acquire new skills and develop the ability to do awesome things they may not have done before. Our academy focuses on providing positive reinforcement to our young students, helping to build on the successes they achieve on the mat after each lesson.

    As your child continues their martial arts training, they will build their self-esteem and their self-confidence. This can go a long way in combating issues such as peer pressure, bullying, poor academic performance, and behavioral issues.

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    Anti-bullying and self-defense

    Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of High Point akes bullying seriously. Our younger martial arts students are taught how to protect themselves from bullies through de-escalation and necessary physical evasion. We also encourage students to report bullying to their parents or to any adult with proper authority.

    Moreover, we also instill the important life skill of self-defense. Self-defense encompasses stranger awareness, bullying awareness, and protecting oneself from an opponent. We will teach your child important tactics and strategies to use when necessary.